Words With Michelle – the podcast: Budgeting During A Pandemic

I speak with Financial Rep., Tanika Riley and she shares info on budgeting during a pandemic

The topic for the show is: Budgeting During A Pandemic, and my guest for the show is Tanika Riley, a licensed Financial Rep, Speaker and Community Builder.

About Tanika

Tanika is being honoured this year as one of the 100 Accomplished Black Women in Canada for 2020 for her 15+ years working in education, community development, creating innovative programs speaking and facilitating workshops.

Show details

In this episode we will be talking about the top money concerns, creating a budget, using a financial advisor, how to save money, and lastly, how to not get into debt over the holiday.

Thanks Tanika, for providing tips on saving, as well suggesting ways for us to not to overspend this holiday season.

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If you have any questions, would like to provide feedback, or if you would like to be a guest, on the show, you can email me at michelle@wordswithmichelle.com.

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