Words With Michelle – the podcast: Colourism

I chat with Tracy Peart about colourism: differential treatment based on skin colour.

#HerstoryinBlack: A Document of 150 Phenomenal Black Women – Part 2

In part 1 of #HerstoryinBlack: A Document of 150 Phenomenal Black Women, I wrote about the excitement I felt conducting a few interviews at the monumental photo shoot organized by #howshehustles founder, Emily Mills.   I had no clue that a few weeks after that, my life would change.   THE EMAIL   A couple…

#HerstoryinBlack: A Document Of 150 Phenomenal Black Women – Part 1

When Emily Mills – founder and CEO of #HowSheHustles, contacted me early on this year and asked if I would assist her with a project she was organizing…ummm, I didn’t really need to think twice about it. All I asked was, “when and where?”   When I received her email, Ms. Mills shared with me that she…

Talking ‘da Kink in My Hair With Trey Anthony

When I do things on the spur of the moment, it usually ends well.   Case in point. I’ve wanted to interview entertainment mogul Trey Anthony for about 2 years now. I’ve emailed her, gone to her workshops, seen her plays, even took a selfie with her, but landing the coveted “Trey interview” eluded me….