Chivon John: Shares Secrets of a Side Hustler


Can’t really tell you how I found out about Secrets of a Side Hustler #girlboss, Chivon John. I just remember being on Twitter and stumbling on the hashtag #sidehustlechat. I clicked on the hashtag and discovered that Chivon shares tips on how to be a happy, healthy, and productive entrepreneur.


I looooved the format of the chat – not too formal or difficult to understand. I couldn’t believe the incredibly beneficial information that was freely shared between Chivon and other entrepreneurs.


Since I want to step my entrepreneurial game up, I tuned in for a few chats and even participated in some.


Meeting Chivon

After following Chivon on Twitter for a few months, I made it a point to attend her Side Hustler Meet Up event in March 2015. She was just as sweet in person as she is online, and genuinely wanted all attendees to leave empowered and ready to tackle their own business.


She’s definitely the kind of person that inspires me and would be perfect to feature on Words With Michelle, so I was happy to share her awesomeness on my very first post of 2016.


If you’re interested in starting your own biz, or have an established side hustle, keep reading to find out more about Chivon.


Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Astrological Sign: Leo

Day job: Communication Specialist

Sidehustlechats: Every Tuesday night on Twitter at 8:00pm using #sidehustlechat

Fun Fact: She’s not all business. She purposely marks in “fun days” on her calendar as a part of her self-care routine


What is Secrets of A Side Hustler?

Secrets of a Side Hustler is a community designed to inspire and connect aspiring and current ‘side hustlers’. In other words, folks who want to start or have a business or passion project in addition to their full-time careers.


What services do you provide?

The mission of the Secrets of a Side Hustler community is to empower side hustlers with the confidence, connections and business savvy to start and create their businesses, but ultimately we want to reinforce the fact that everyone has the ability to create their own opportunities.


We do this in the form of live events and workshops, mentorship and through our online community. In 2015 we hosted the first ever Side Hustle Week for over 200 side hustlers in Toronto and this year we’re planning to expand our reach with an online academy.


I’m passionate about providing an outlet for folks to connect and realize that they don’t have to go through their journey alone or burn themselves out in the process. I also provide mentorship and consulting services for individuals who need support in starting and growing their business and host workshops for community organizations about the importance of wellness in entrepreneurship.



What has the journey been for you starting your own business?

Entrepreneurship is definitely a rollercoaster ride and a few of the lessons that I’ve learned over the years is to trust and believe in myself, strive for progress not perfection and lean into the power of collaboration.


After graduating university I was convinced that I was going to rock the corporate world and become the head of a department at my company, not actually start my own. I consider myself an accidental entrepreneur, since I followed my curiosity and was determined to do the things I enjoyed now versus. waiting until the ideal time.


There are difficult moments and it takes time to find your rhythm with juggling multiple roles and dealing with a lot of ambiguity. But even on the days when I feel confused or frustrated, I’m grateful for every lesson, the struggle moments and my amazing accountability squad and supporters.


Did you have someone to look up to with regards to starting your own business?

There were a few folks that I drew inspiration from both directly and from afar when I first started. My former Personal Trainer and fitness mentor Lyzabeth Lopez was a big inspiration for me especially when it came to work ethic and hustle. She’s created an amazing movement with her brand and it continues to inspire me today on the power of not giving up on your vision. Shenee Howard from Hey Shenee was one of my first branding coaches and it was through one of her courses that I met my Biz Bestie and close friend LC Johnson. Folks who inspire me today are Canadian entrepreneur powerhouses Natalie MacNeil, Melissa Ramos, Nathalie Lussier, Devon Brooks, Katherine Hague and Heather Payne.


What is one thing that every side hustler should know?

Make self-care non-negotiable. Side hustling isn’t easy but don’t buy into the myth that you have to push yourself to exhaustion to be successful. Taking breaks doesn’t make you less dedicated, it makes you more productive by allowing yourself to recharge and stay focused. Remember that everything that you want to make happen needs one important thing to be possible: YOU


What are your plans for Secrets of a Side Hustler for 2016? Click the link to listen to her answer!


Inspirational lady, no? I liked that she said that although we tend to put in a lot of time running our business, we need to make time to relax, and rejuvenate. Chivon is definitely pro business and self-care. Thanks for the educational chat, Chivon!



To find about more about Chivon, please visit the following sites


secrets of a side hustlerURL:

Facebook: click here

Twitter: @soasidehustler

Instagram: @secretsofasidehustler


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  1. Entrepreneurship is the key and something that should be taught from Elementary/Primary School

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