Laura Bilotta: Dating Coach, Matchmaker and Singles Event Organizer

Laura BilottaEarlier this year, I wrote an article for Coco Magazine about the dating challenges I was facing. I found (and still find it) extremely hard to meet men – especially since I’m not into the bar and club scene. I wondered if I’d ever find a nice guy in the city who can handle my chatty and somewhat eccentric ways. Lol.


It got me thinking about alternative ways that I can meet good men – perhaps through speed dating, online dating or matchmaking services.


I wanted to speak with an expert on the subject and Laura Bilotta’s name came to mind as she is the brains behind the Single In the City website.


I contacted her ASAP since it’s getting cold in the TDot, and I definitely want someone cuddly to snuggle up with (lol!). Luckily Laura was gracious enough to answer all my questions on dating services.


If you’re single and looking for fun singles events, or if you want some dating tips – keep reading!


Hometown: Oakville           

Astrological Sign: Leo

How many weddings have you attended as a result of your events?: Only 1. I don’t seem to get invited to many!





Why did you start

I always had the passion and knack for matching people up and creating social engagement. I recognized the need for such events as I and many of my friends were single and found it difficult to meet people. Online dating was fairly new and somewhat still taboo as people were embarrassed to admit that they belonged to an online dating site. I found out about speed dating from a friend, attended an event and was so amazed with this great concept. I knew that with my marketing and social skills, I could run similar events and create a great reputation in the dating industry.


My idea involved creating a fun and comfortable space where people could attend a variety of different singles events, improve their dating skills through one-on-one date coaching, offer a personalized dating approach through matchmaking and create a space where people could go for dating advice. There is someone out there for everyone, you just need to be in the right place in your life, try new things and get out there as much as possible to find them.


What services does Single in the City provide?

Date coaching, matchmaking, singles events including mixers, dances and speed dating and a dating and sex tips blog. 


I love that your info is also accessible on television.

I just recently produced and hosted 13 episodes of Single in the City the Dating Talk Show on Rogers Laura-Blue-Dress-Mask1Mississauga. I invited experts in the field of dating and relationships and we covered all sorts of different topics including: first date tips, early relationships, dating after divorce and with children, sex and dating, how to dress for a date, hairstyle and makeup tips, flirting techniques, online dating and more.

For those that are not in Mississauga but do have Rogers, they can view the show every Thursday evening at 9:30pm by visiting then choose Mississauga in the drop down menu and log in! (pssst….to watch past episodes you can also click here)




Matchmaking is one of the services you provide. How does your matchmaking service differ from others?

After running events for so many years, I was constantly listening to people’s horror stories about other matchmaking services, how much they charge and how unsuccessful they were at finding them love after spending so much money.

My idea was to make SITC’s personalized matchmaking service affordable and low risk, a “Play as you date concept“.  With a low start up fee of $125 to join the database and a minimal fee of $75 for each date that you agree to be matched up with, you also receive a FREE Speed Dating voucher to use towards a future event. We guarantee quality matches and will only match you up with someone that you will like and be compatible with.

If you’re single, you should think outside the box and try a bunch of new things to increase your chances of meeting the one.




What service would you suggest for someone timid about jumping into the dating scene?

Well first of all, if they are that timid perhaps they need someone to talk to brush up on their dating skills and give them the confidence they need to get back out there. If they don’t want to go that route I would suggest speed dating as a great way to get out there to socialize and meet new people. The only way to get over your fears is to take a leap of faith, experience something new and jump in with both feet. You may not meet the love of your life the first time you go, but it gets you out there connecting with others and forces you to have conversations with all the attendees of the opposite sex.

Joining new social circles when you’re single is another great way to meet someone as someone may just have the perfect person for you. I tell people, if it doesn’t work the first time, try again, who’s to say the person you were supposed to meet was there that night? If you keep attending and are not having luck with getting too many matches, then perhaps its time to come see me for some coaching to figure out where you could be going wrong. Sometimes it’s the slightest thing that we need to tweak in order to be more successful.

Oooh, that’s some good advice, eh? I know I definitely need to put myself out there and meet more people. I know my Mr. Right is out there. Thanks for the fabulous info, Laura!

For more information on Single in The City, click onto the following links:

Twitter: @singleinthecity

Facebook: click here

YouTube: click here



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  1. anthony guidi says:

    Saw your program, I really like your shows, I thought I was the expert in dating, but you take it to a whole other level, your definitely expert and I’m very impressed. Wanted to compliment you. Anthony G.

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