#HerstoryinBlack: A Document of 150 Phenomenal Black Women – Part 2

In part 1 of #HerstoryinBlack: A Document of 150 Phenomenal Black Women, I wrote about the excitement I felt conducting a few interviews at the monumental photo shoot organized by #howshehustles founder, Emily Mills.


I had no clue that a few weeks after that, my life would change.




A couple days after the enthusiasm of the photo shoot died down, Emily emailed me to thank me for helping out. She also mentioned that she would touch base with me later on to let me know what would take place at the next photo shoot.


In mid January Emily contacted me and said that the CBC was interested in with working with her on her project, and that they would be present at the next photo shoot. They would be doing interviews, and taking video, so I didn’t need to interview any of the participants.


At the bottom of the email Emily asked if I had my picture taken at the first shoot. I was a little confused and said no, but typed that I was still available to help out in any way with the next photo shoot.


Emily quickly responded saying that I needed to take a photo. Honestly, I wasn’t sure why she wanted me to take a pic. I emailed her again and asked, “Do you want me to have my picture taken?” (Yes, I asked her this a second time) I don’t know how she didn’t jump through the computer screen and slap me. Instead, Emily replied, yes and asked me to register online. Once I filled out the registration information and read the details of what to expect for the shoot, it sunk in: I was going to be one of the 150 black women featured in the photo shoot!! I completely freaked out and did my happy dance all around the house!



February 5, 2017 10:00 am – THE PHOTO SHOOT


Arriving at the studio felt different this time. At the first shoot I was helping out, and now I was having MY picture taken. Honestly, I was overwhelmed. I was in utter disbelief. Was I really one of these accomplished women?


Photo Credit: Me! I had to capture my look with a selfie!

I reverted to my old shy ways and kept quiet. I faded into the background and just listened to the amazing stories coming out of the mouths of the fantastic ladies that surrounded me.


When it was my turn to take my individual picture, I just sat in the chair feeling shocked as well as proud (*you can literally see the shocked look on my face in my photo). I was trying to fathom all that was happening. I, along with all these beautiful, talented sistas, were being honoured for making a difference as well as achieving our goals.


Even when we did our introductions– I kept mine short, not thinking I had much to say. But I was reminded by the AWESOME and ENCOURAGING Jameelah Gamble, that my gifts and talent as a writer and blogger are recognized and I needed to big up myself! That definitely snapped me out of my confusion and insecurity, and put me at ease.


Once the group photos were taken, I walked around for a bit, took a few more pics, soaked in the positive energy, and then I headed home.


I kept thinking, I’m one of the 150 black women featured in #HerstoryinBlack!




In part 3- the last installment, I will speak about the #herstoryinblack celebration held at the CBC building.


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