Words With Michelle – the podcast: Tracy Moore Responds To Being Body Shamed

I have a short convo with Clityline host, Tracy Moore, about her response to being body shamed online.

My Lunch Break With Tracy Moore

This interview has been 5 years in the making. I’ve wanted to interview Tracy Moore – the host of Cityline, ever since I started Words With Michelle.   I’ve wanted to document her story because I find her incredibly inspirational. I’ve seen her transition from videographer, to Breakfast Television reporter, to capturing the role of…

Richard Cazeau: From MuchMoreMusic to Cultural Curator

Not sure if it’s because my birthday is quickly approaching, but I’ve been feeling kinda nostalgic lately – thinking back to the things that I enjoyed when I was younger.   One of the things that came to mind was watching music videos. I can recall when MuchMusic was the ONLY place to watch videos….

Tracy Peart: Makeup Artist, Beauty Expert & App Creator

My friends often tell me that I am the luckiest woman alive because I have a pretty sweet work week. Um…….I don’t work Tuesdays or Fridays. Yes, it’s true. On those days I either spend it doing interviews, writing, or engaging in some retail therapy. But the one thing that I usually look forward to…