Nneka Elliott: From News Reporter to Lifestyle Entrepreneur

As you can tell by the number of phenomenal people that have graced my 4-year-old blog (Yes, Words With Michelle turns 4 tomorrow – woo hoo!), I am genuinely in awe of people who fearlessly follow their dreams and path – no matter what.


In 2016, Nneka Elliott, a well-known media personality and news reporter, left her position at CP24. I was shocked. I will confess that I have a somewhat slight obsession with journalists and media, so I was stunned that she left what I thought was a #dreamjob.


I had questions.


So like any good nosy writer, I headed straight to the source – I contacted Nneka and asked if I could share her story and uncover what inspired her to leave her job and become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur. Nneka currently publishes the lifestyle blog NNEKA, as well as hosts a weekly online lifestyle talk show.


After I learned the reasons why she left, I realized that Nneka did what was best for her and that she finally felt able to make her own choice about her future.


Wanna find out why Nneka decided to take control and take a turn in her career? Keep reading!



Birthplace: Montreal, Canada

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Fun Fact: Nneka has acted on a bunch of television shows: Heroes Reborn, Orphan Black, Single Ladies, American Gothic and Designated Survivor



So….. what inspired you to leave the news and start a lifestyle blog?

It was like I was on a train going quickly to a final destination I didn’t choose. Then on the way I kept saying “I’m trying to go to A not B,” but the destination was already determined…so I just jumped off the train.


What was the transition like not being on television?

I don’t miss being on TV everyday; I do miss the people and the camaraderie.  My skin is grateful for the break from daily makeup, and I love working in my sweats lol. But honestly, it’s been incredible to have the freedom to set my own hours, create content that I want to make, and explore bottled up passions.  However, now that I can be my true authentic self, sometimes there is some self-imposed apprehension because I’m aware that who I am now may not always jive with who people (who don’t know me) thought I was. So redefining my identity has been a little tricky. I talk more about my transition on my YouTube channel. But technically I still pop up on TV on shows like Designated Survivor.


Nneka Elliott: Lifestyle blogger

Nneka.com is a lifestyle blog that is a celebration of all things Nneka. It features posts on fashion, food, fitness, insight into her acting life, and lots of her Caribbean culture.


I like that there is a definite Caribbean tone to your blog. Is it important for you to represent the Caribbean perspective?

Nneka Elliott on set of her online show.

For sure, and more specifically the Caribbean diasporic perspective. I was born in Canada, but raised in St. Vincent & The Grenadines. I’m also half Trinidadian. In redefining my identity, a big part of that has been embracing my cultural duality. Recognizing that I am the sum of many things and I don’t have to choose just one. I can love going to the cottage and wukking up to soca music. So naturally a lot of my content is going to reflect that experience.  The idea behind my talk showNNEKA’ was born out of that. 


What advice would you give to others with regards to following their passion?

Everybody’s always talking about following your passion and many of us don’t even know what that is. Just get out of your head and stop thinking and follow your heart. That’s where your passion lives.  Also do your homework and make some plans. As much as I made it seem like I just “jumped off the train,” there’s actually a fair bit of planning that needs to happen.


What’s next for Nneka?

I’m going to continue to do what feels right. Stay tuned!


What a risk taker! I love that Nneka was able to take control and  walk away from her job on the news. I know the decision must have been difficult to make, but she did it! Thanks for the insight, inspiration, and the chat, Nneka!


For more information on Nneka Elliott, please visit the following sites.



Blog: www.nnekaelliot.com

Twitter: @nnekaelliott

Instagram: @nnekaelliott

Facebook: click here

Photo Credit (featured image): Keidi Janz


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