Morgan O. Smith: Talks About Meditation & His Spiritual Awakening

Ever have an intense feeling that you needed to connect with someone that you barely knew, who probably didn’t even know YOU existed? Sounds weird, right? I know.


That’s how I felt about reaching out to Morgan O. Smith. I don’t know him personally, but something kept telling me, “You need to speak to this guy.


To be fair, I knew a few things about Morgan. For instance, I knew that he was a comic that previously performed under his stage name Mista Mo; he co-hosted a TV show back in the day called Buzz with Daryn Jones (which I watched religiously on Rogers then the Comedy Network – #hugefan!), and I also know that he presently speaks about the benefits of meditation, more specifically Yinnergy – a program that he created.


After timidly sending him a message via Instagram a month ago, he graciously agreed to do a phone interview.


The Interview


I had no idea how the interview would go as I purposely limited my research on Morgan. I came up with literally only 3 questions, and decided to let the interview flow naturally.


A few seconds into our convo, I felt super grateful that I finally spoke with him. His calm voice relaxed me after an incredibly trying day at work. Speaking of his voice, it sounded somewhat different from what I remembered from his TV show – it was way more subdued, a little monotone, and almost hypnotic.


He chatted about how embracing meditation and creating Yinnergy found him more at peace with himself, but disinterested in entertaining. This discontentment led him to leave the entertainment business and start a new career path.


Morgan insists that he’s the same person he’s always been despite experiencing a spiritual awakening- he’s just got another layer to him now.


Though the topics of conversation were deep and thought provoking (and confusing at times!), Morgan was still able to crack jokes and have me laughing.


Interested in finding out more about Morgan and his program Yinnergy? Please keep reading.


Birthplace: Jamaica

Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Fun Fact: Volunteered at Rogers


What is Yinnergy?

It’s a brainwave entrainment movement as well as brainwave program that is based on binaural beats. The Yinnergy brainwave technology meditates you. Just put on headphones, or earplugs, close your eyes and listen to the sound tones.


My main focus is to get people to meditate for 15-20 minutes a day to get all the benefits that I’ve gotten from it. To give it a try to see what it can do for your brain, nervous system and overall spiritual growth.


How did you get into meditation?

By fluke. Years ago when I was doing the TV show Buzz, I was talking to a friend – Andrea Bain, about doing better on auditions. I wanted to give better performances because I have anxiety when going on auditions. She recommended hypnotherapy.


I researched a few companies, found one and I went down for an appointment. When they did the hypnotherapy session they used light and sound machines – which entrain the brain. I was intrigued by it. I went home and looked up these devices to see if it could help with creativity. I ended up buying 2 devices. I used it everyday which gave me a boost in creativity.


Two years into it, I lost motivation for entertaining. I left the business after 12 years of doing standup. I had the real urge to work with youth, so I took 2 years off then started to look for work in that field. Through some strange events, led me to where I am now working as a Youth Outreach Worker.


What are some of the benefits that you have received from Yinnergy?

Yinnergy is only officially 7 years old, so the benefits I’m mentioning is from a similar program I was using 15 years ago. But the technology behind it works in the same way as Yinnergy.


This technology helped me to decrease my anxiety, anger, decrease in emotional and mental triggers and helped me to deal with personal trauma. It has also broadened my awareness of myself, my mind, environment, and allows me to see the positive in all negative situations.


Yinnergy has been used by many of my personal clients to achieve deeper levels of meditation, sparking inspiration, achieving peace of mind, heightening creativity and intelligence, enhancing spiritual growth and self awareness, and is also used for the healing of past traumas by raising the emotional and mental threshold, allowing the individual to handle more of life’s challenges.


What do you want people to gain from mediation?

I would want them to have their own personal spiritual awakening; I strongly believe that spiritual awakening is a human’s greatest gift. I believe this is an experience that transcends all human experiences.


Morgan’s a deep brotha, right? It was mind-blowing to hear him speak about his spiritual awakening and how at peace he is. I want to thank you Morgan for enlightening me, and for sharing your story. Thank you!


To find out more about Morgan and Yinnergy, please visit the following sites:


Instagram: @morgan124875

YouTube: click here

Twitter: @myyinnergy

Facebook: click here



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