Karen M. Lowe: Wants You To Go After Your Dreams!

Have you ever wanted to start your own business but felt scared? Overwhelmed? Confused? Or, are you a budding entrepreneur who would like to take your business to the next level?


I suggest you to talk with Karen M. Lowe!


Karen M. Lowe is the CEO of Epigram Consulting – a business consulting and coaching company that specializes in helping individuals, creatives, entrepreneurs and small businesses with their business needs. Essentially, she teaches you how to grow and run an effective business.


This graduate of Schulich School of Business has taken her knowledge and years of experience and filled the pages of her first book, “ From Dreamer To Creator” – collection of tools and strategies to help those who need a little guidance in pursuing their dreams.


I first met Karen last year at an author’s event and was taken by her business savvy. I will admit, I love writing, and building my brand, but I lack some business knowledge.


Karen generously shared with me some advice that could help me build my brand and potentially start a business. Thanks for the info, Karen!


If you’re interested in starting a business, or if you are an existing business person in need of some help, keep reading.


Birthplace: Kingston, Jamaica

Astrological Sign: Aries


Tell me a bit about your business Epigram Consulting.

We are a business consulting company that helps individuals start businesses or grow what they have been working on. We go through different processes like creating a One Page Business Plan, Product/Service Differentiation, Marketing, Financial Projections and more. We tend to take a training approach not just set up a client and leave. This way, clients are able to grow when we are no longer working with them.


We work mostly with hobbyists who want to go to the next level, but need help with the business side of a project. They want to move from having a hobby to having a business. Some just started, and others have been at it for a while and do not understand why the business is not progressing.


Describe your book From Dreamer To Creator.

From Dreamer To Creator is a business motivational book. It looks at the fact that we all have dreams, but we do not usually go after them because of real or perceived issues (in the book I call them deterrents.) Issues like little to no money, time, fear etc. The book then gives suggestions and or examples how to go after your dream despite the deterrents. For example, a single mother has little time for herself, but the book suggests, “time can be created.” You can use the time when waiting in the doctor’s office or while on public transit travelling to work. It can be a good time to research or create a plan on your mobile device.


From Dreamer to Creator is a way to start the process of reframing anything that prevents you from realizing your dreams.


Why did you write the book?

It was something I always wanted to do. The opportunity came up while I was completing training courses in marketing. I came across a course on how to self-publish. I did not plan on writing a book at the time but I started following the steps in the course. I realized at the end of the course that I had an outline. I just went for it! The area of business is my passion and what I know best.


What would be the number one mistake people make when starting a business? 

The number one mistake people make when starting a business is product/service pricing.  They price too high and out of the market or too low to start and have a hard time raising prices later. This is usually because their research is not done well. Some entrepreneurs are not good at researching and tend to focus all their research on their immediate circle which unfortunately does not give the full story. They need to find the balance between what they think they are worth and what their target market thinks the product/service is worth.


What would you like your audience /readers to gain from reading your book? 

I want my readers to look at their life and start working on realizing a dream.  Read the book and get excited about the possibility of change.  Recognize that age is not a factor; you can go for whatever you want at any stage of your life.  Read the book and start having solutions driven conversations in their head.


Do you have plans for another book?

Yes. I started working on a workbook last year based on responses from readers requesting a workbook to help them get to the next steps. It was also suggested that I create workbooks for different levels, teens, children, and adults. Based on my next adventure into realizing my dreams, I am sure at least one more book will be published.


I see online that you are a part of the “Reframing Challenge.” What is it?

It is an opportunity for us to encourage each other to reframe. The subtitle of From Dreamer to Creator is Reframing Deterrents in Our Path. Reframing Deterrents happens when we change the conversation in our head. Seeing it happen over and over makes changing the conversation in our head easier. When we share our stories, we help others to progress and the Reframing Challenge gives the opportunity to share our stories.


How it works:

Go to: http://blprdigital.com/reframing-challenge

Complete a questionnaire and receive a kit in the mail. Write a challenge you faced and how you reframed it. Shoot a video or blog about it then share it with #FDTC #reframingchallenge hashtags. We share it with our community.



What other projects are you currently working on?

I am starting my Doctorate degree this month (January 2018) so that should be an interesting journey for the next four and a half years. I will still have Epigram Consulting Services and my community work.


If you are looking to start a business I definitely see the need for speaking with a business coach. Karen has the skills and the experience to guide you and caution you of potential threats. So glad I had the opportunity to speak with Karen. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with me!


URL: http://www.epigramconsulting.com

Twitter: @epigramconsult

Instagram: fromdreamertocreator & epigramconsulting

Facebook: click here

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