One Afternoon: Model For A Day

This latest post is a mini departure from my usual interview-based blog posts. In this entry I share with you one of the most fun afternoons I had in a loooong time. What made it next level awesome was that it was completely unexpected.


Almost 2 months ago, on a pretty average Sunday morning, I received a text from Muhammad Nembhard – publisher of The Potent, Ad Executive at Aswad Advertising Agency, and accomplished photographer.


He texted me right before noon and asked if I would be interested in being in a photo shoot.   Y’all already know that I can be a little a lot shy, awkward and super self-conscious, so my natural response would obviously be NO! But….I bit my tongue as I knew that I needed to open myself up to new experiences and do things outside my comfort zone. I also thought it would be a great way to work on creating some images for branding purposes.


About 40 minutes later and a total of 20 texts exchanged (had to make sure he was legit as I never met him before), I agreed to be a part of his photo session. We discussed potential locales that would complement the loveliness of the bright sunny day. I suggested that we use the arboretum at Humber College’s north campus as a scenic backdrop for the pictures, and Muhammad happily agreed.



August 20, 2017, Humber College @ 3pm


I arrived on campus and looked around and didn’t see Muhammad. I texted him to let him know I was there, and within seconds he appeared in front of me and gave me a warm hug. We formally introduced ourselves and got acquainted.


Although I suggested the arboretum, I TOTALLY forgot where it was located, so we hiked aimlessly across campus until a few helpful students were able to give us directions.


Before we made it to the arboretum, we saw a spot that I could envision myself photographed in, so we stopped.  As Muhammad was setting up and checking the lighting, I started to freak out and think – are we really doing this!!? Yep, I am a model for a day! #scarybutfun


Although I was nervous about the shoot, Muhammad made it super comfortable for me by playing a few Drake tracks and making sure the locale worked for me. That totally allowed me to feel relaxed and pose for the camera.


Once Muhammad got the shots he needed, we headed over to another location.


He took this shot, which at the time I wasn’t sure what it would look like, but I like that it has a very reflective vibe.


After walking around in the sun for a few hours without a drop of water, Muhammad and I got a bit lightheaded, and thought it would be best to head inside, grab some water, and chill.


We went to a cozy corner of the Learning Resource Common (aka – student centre at Humber), played some Rihanna, and got hydrated. My energy level was miraculously restored and I was ready to embrace my inner supermodel again.


It was in this last spot that my fave shot was taken. This black and white overhead shot is my jam! I love that you don’t see my face, but you see me writing in my notebook. Love it. #totallyme

As the sun began to set, and we no longer had good lighting, we chatted for a few, and then I was on my way home.


About 2 weeks ago Muhammad shared the images with me. I was so thankful that he was able to capture my spirit as well as my love for writing.


I am so happy that I chose to forgo staying home and doing my normal Sunday chores (laundry, meal prepping, cleaning etc.) and let loose and have an exciting afternoon.


Thanks for all your hard work, Muhammad. Love my pictures!

Pssst – here are a few more shots from the photo session.  One of which is my new social media image!




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