My Year in Review: 2016


This blog entry isn’t necessarily a recap of all that has happened in the news, but just a brief summary of what 2016 was like for me.



Wow, what can I possibly say about 2016?


Without a doubt, it’s been a difficult year for me. I’ve had amazing highs (great friendships were formed) and unfortunately upsetting lows (leaving my job), but believe it or not, I’ve grown as a person through all the crappy situations. And I proudly accept that I am a work in progress. #yayme!


Believe me, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, so y’know 2017 will be next level awesomeness!


My Year In Review:




I love Words With Michelle. It’s pretty much my baby and my life. True, I wished I’d given my baby a little more attention at times, but I am grateful to have continued to work on my writing and connect and chat with a great deal of amazing people.


the-women-of-words-with-michelle-2016Women ah run tings!

Speaking of my blog, I realized that I featured a lot of females in 2016 (*11 to be exact!). These women are all doing fantastic things not just for themselves, but for others. That’s what makes me love them even more!   Psst, yo fellas, I wanna hear from you in 2017!






losing-iconsI may not have known George Michael, Prince, David Bowie, Phife Dawg or even Maurice White (from Earth Wind & Fire), personally, but believe me, their deaths affected me tremendously. I grew up with their ground-breaking music (Purple Rain, Careless Whisper and anything from A Tribe Called Quest etc), and when I hear their songs, a floodgate of memories wash over me. It sucks that they are all gone, but at least their memory is alive and well with their mualan-thickesic.




Not just the death of music industry icons devastated me, losing Alan Thicke (I was a HUGE Growing Pains fan), Florence Henderson (Brady Bunch), Muhammad Ali, Carrie Fisher and her mom, Debbie Reynolds, also reminded me that as I grow older, so do the people I grew up on.




black-lives-matterBLACK LIVES MATTER


I rarely share my opinions publicly (depending on the subject matter), but the amount of senseless killing of black people was both ridiculous and terrifying. I literally shook my head every single time I heard that a black woman, man, or child was killed for simply existing. I hope and pray that this stops in 2017.



img_3708NATURAL ME


Just in case you didn’t know, I usually wear extensions. But for 3 glorious months this year, I chose to wear my hair naturally. I have never felt more like myself before. It gave me a much-needed boost to my confidence. Read: I felt damn sexy!


I loved the way it looked, smelled… I even loved how temperamental my hair could be. It made me very proud to rock my crown of curls.


election-2016ELECTION 2016


I’m not American, I can’t vote, but I was obsessed with the US election. Normally I don’t follow the debates or anything too “politic-y” but this year was different.

I never knew that a campaign could be both dirty and comical (comical only because I couldn’t believe half the things I heard) I was in complete awe that someone who is entirely unfit for a position can run for presidency and eventually win. Yes, you can guess who I was rooting for. #Imwithher





This year saw the continuation of Canadian domination. Seriously, what would the world of music be without Drake, The Weeknd, Justin Bieber and Alessia Cara?


Just like last year, I enjoyed Drake’s contribution to music (#shamelessdrakefan!). I loved One Dance, and Work (he was featured on Rihanna’s track).


This also marks the year that I actually got into Justin Bieber’s music (don’t play, you know you enjoyed What Do You Mean, Love Yourself, Cold Water and even Sorry).


But the artist that really stood out for me is Alessia Cara.


Last year she released Here – a song with the best lyrics EVER written, and then this year she released Wild Things – a song about independence and freedom. Pssst… I belt this song out in the shower all.the.time!  

I love that she is a very humble artist with such a wealth of talent. I expect HUGE things for her in 2017.




Ooooh, when Drake professed his love for Rihanna at the MTV VMA awards. I literally got goosebumps! lol  Sucks that their “relationship” ended soon after. But it was cute to see him sooooo shy in front of her.



So that was a brief summary of some of the things that impacted my life over the past 12 months. Check out some of the highlights, most memorable moments and plans for 2017 from me and a few of the peeps I interviewed. 




My highlight for 2016

As crazy as it sounds, quitting my job and not regretting my decision was the best thing that happened. Leaving a situation that no longer serves you, does wonders for you! 

– Michelle Joseph, blogger, #chattygirl


What were you most grateful for in 2016?

Being a mom. It has been a hard year where the world has been through so many moments of conflict, injustice and tragedy. And yet, in the midst of the chaos – and crazy days at work – me and my husband come home to two energetic smiling little boys who just want to enjoy life and explore the world through innocent eyes.

Emily Mills, How She Hustles Founder


What is your most memorable moment of 2016?

Being acknowledged by Bob Marley’s family really encouraged me to take a further step into a musical direction I have been exploring for a while. I think that reggae album is going to come together in 2017. Reggae has always been in my soul, and looking back at that moment was really humbling.

Jonathan Emile, rapper


What are you most grateful for in 2016?

Becoming a mother to my healthy, happy and wonderful baby. Living in Canada where we get a year of maternity leave versus six weeks and Trump! 

Nandita Dias, singer, teacher


My most memorable moment and What I am most grateful for in 2016?

Doing my first ”Just For Laughs” festival in Montreal.  It was absolutely incredible!

Patrick Haye, comedian


What would you like to achieve in 2017?

I would like to continue to work on and grow my photography, not just from the business aspect, but also from the joy that I get out of doing it; getting to document and create images and the chance to meet and interact with different people. Ultimately, I would like to achieve balance and contentment in my life.

Ardean Peters, photographer


What were you most grateful for in 2016?

I’m most grateful for the plans God has laid out for me to be able to pursue my passion. I love the freedom and flexibility of creating my own schedule.

Val Andrews, Stylist


What is your most memorable moment of 2016?

Performing at Fresh Island Fest in Croatia.  Got a chance to perform with artists that I look up to and in front of huge crowd!

Duane “D.O.” Gibson, rapper, motivational speaker


What were you most grateful for in 2016?

My Lions Circle brothers who kept me on my compass goals and teaching me how to unfetter my limitless potential

Jonathan Shaw, DJ, voice actor, motivational speaker

What would you like to achieve in 2017?

In 2017 I would like to put Edible Bliss (my side hustle) on the map.

Amanda Hamer, chef and entrepreneur


Kinda glad that the year is over and we all get to start fresh in 2017. Happy New Year!




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ardean Peters says:

    I agree, 2017 WILL be the next level of awesomeness. All the best to you 🙂

    1. Thanks, Ardean! 2017 is looking great so far. All the best to you too! ❤

  2. Amanda Hamer says:

    Great read Michelle…. all the best to you in 2017!!!

    1. Thanks for reading the post, Amanda! I wish nothing but the best for you this year!

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