Ta$ti Dosh: From College To The Stage

When I met  Dosh, ahem, Ta$ti Dosh almost a year ago, I really had no idea that we’d still be talking. No, it’s not that we didn’t get along or had a falling out; it was just that he was employed as a Graphic Arts work-study student in my office, and I thought that once his contract was over, that would be the last time I’d see or speak to him.



Dosh and I didn’t exactly work together per se, but we did work in the same office. On the off chance that we got to talk, we chatted about normal things –  like our love for (pre-Trump-loving) Kanye West, Drake, D’Banj (psst, D’Banj is a Nigerian artist whose song Oliver Twist is damn near perfection!).

As months went by, we got to know each other a bit more. I discovered that he was a laid back dude, and that his graphic skills were on point. Earlier on this year, I told him something that I almost never reveal to any of my co-workers. I told him I was a …….(gasp) WRITER and I was working on a new interview-based blog. Yes, I realize that it’s sooooo not a big deal, but I rarely (read: NEVER) share that part of my life with co-workers, but he made me feel comfortable enough to disclose my passion for writing.

But guess what? It was in my admission that he revealed something to me as well. He shared with me that he wasn’t just a college student completing his diploma; he was a budding hip hop artist! Cool, right?

A couple weeks later, I walked past his desk en route to the printer and I whispered that I was launching WordsWithMichelle soon. He yelled out, “One day you’re going to be interviewing me!” We both chuckled. I know his comment wasn’t arrogant or full of bravado; he just wanted a platform to talk about his music.

That day came sooner than later. I had the chance to listen to Tasti’s music and I adored the playful, dreamlike nature and truly African esthetic of some of his songs (my fave song is Mary & Me and Catch the Cruz is a close second). I felt that it was time to interview him and showcase his hustle.

The day we scheduled the interview, I was suffering with the worst flu of my life. I had a nasty cough, throbbing headache, blistering fever and I was slowly losing my voice. I was tempted to cancel—I actually texted Ta$ti letting him know I was sick, but he never saw the text and showed up. I had to will myself to feel better. In the thirty minutes that we spoke, I was able to find out more about Ta$ti’s other life as an artist. Read his story

Full Name: Adedoyin OsholowuTasti Dosh

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

College Program: Multimedia Design and Production

Genre: Afro hop

How he describes his music: For people who want to mentally travel

Astrological Sign: Leo


Why did you decide to leave Nigeria? I had a degree in Business and I wanted to do something after school. I wanted to explore creatively…it was either the UK or Toronto. I felt like a change in environment was necessary to move to the next stage.

How did you get your start into music? I started when I was in school (in Nigeria). I used to do covers and dance on stage. In 2004 or 2005 I started to think that I might as well make music. I was doing it with a group and I was just going with the vibe that everyone thinks it’s cool. I was just having fun. I really didn’t see a long-term thing with it.

When did it become serious? In 2010 with Trip City (Trip City was a group Ta$ti was a part of in Nigeria). It’s just when you feel this intrinsic need…when you know you can do something. I just felt like I could do it. I came out with a few songs and people liked it.

How would you classify your type of music? “Afro hop.” It is a mixture of hip hop, soul, r&b and African vibes. There’s a lot of soulful strings….it’s chill. I try to focus a lot on storytelling.

I’m not really sure if I really discovered what my sound is like. I feel like I’m still on a journey. It’s kinda interesting and exciting just to see. I don’t think I’ve put in enough hours to be able to say I know my sound.

Why did you choose to enrol in the Multimedia Design and Development program? I wanted to do something that could help my music and creative skills. As a musician you have to have music videos… cover art. And now there’s new technology and interactivity. I wanted to be skilled enough to control those factors.

Do you have any upcoming shows? I recently performed at a Children’s Wish fundraiser called Humber College Showcase to raise money for charity. I won’t be performing until I am done my EP – Egyptian Summer. I am trying to focus on completing it right now. You should be expecting it sometime in July.

What are your plans now that you have graduated? I continue to build my portfolio of creative musical and design projects and try to stretch to global collaborations.

Do you plan on staying in Canada for your career? Yeah sure….. beautiful people….. beautiful place, sure I’ll be here for the next couple of years but the future is unknown, so I am willing to be anywhere that can foster the growth creative skill.

For more info on Ta$ti Dosh, visit the following pagesTasti

Music: https://soundcloud.com/tastidosh

Peep the latest video – She Wanna- by Sukiyaki feat Tasti – click here to view it

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tastidosh

Twitter: @tastidosh

Click here to watch Tasti’s mini documentary


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