Ricardo McRae – Businessman, Philanthropist and the Happiest Man Alive!


For some reason Ricardo McRae’s name has been showing up everywhere lately.  In a few of my emails, in my Twitterfeed and he’s even appeared on my TV screen (he, along with his equally successful wife Gloria Roheim, were featured on CTVs – The Social), so my curiosity was instantly piqued.   It’s not that I didn’t know who he was; I have known about him for years (he’s the Executive Director of Who’s Who in Black Canada  and co-founder of Wedge15 – a boutique web design and social strategy agency), but I thought it was quite bizarre that his name kept popping up.  So you know what that meant, right…..? It was the universe telling me I had to meet him.


I sent him a quick email telling him a bit about me and he responded by suggesting that I call him later on that week so we could talk about my blog. 


I called him after an exhausting day at work and we ended up having a 2-hour conversation (he’s an unbelievably friendly guy!). We spoke about my previous blog, Creative Class T.O. (a networking event that he and restaurateur Carl Cassell host every month) and the fact that hearing his distinct Trini accent made me feel like I was in sunny Trinidad eating a roti and sipping on Carib beer!


During our conversation, Ricardo graciously accepted my invitation for an interview.  His only stipulation was that we were to have a video interview instead of an in person interview, as he would be extremely busy for the next few weeks. I agreed, but panicked inside. 


Believe it or not, I’m a low-key kinda girl and I’m not really comfortable being on camera, so his suggestion terrified me! Although I was crying on the inside, I did decide to do the video interview.   Honestly, I felt I was ready for the challenge of trying something different.


Sooooo glad I conquered my fear and agreed to do the video chat (pssst….I used Google hangout to conduct the video interview). It was sooo much fun that I plan on incorporating it in my blog from time to time.


Throughout the video Ricardo had me laughing and was as jovial as he was on the phone (I have dubbed him the happiest man alive), so he completely put me at ease. 


Ok, wanna  find out more about  Ricardo McRae? Watch the following videos to learn more about the super successful businessman and recent recipient of the Men of Honour Award from the Black Business and Professionals Association.


Ricardo talks about Who’s Who in Black Canada



Ricardo speaks about Toronto’s newest networking event –  Creative Class T.O



Ricardo shares the importance of embracing social media – Wedge15


Ricardo awarded with the Men of Honour Award from the BBPA


 Ricardo’s Words Of Wisdom



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