Words With Michelle – the podcast: Random Acts of Racism

This episode is a little different from what I normally do. I usually have a guest come on the show and we discuss a topic, but for this episode, I decided I wanted to have a few guests share their experiences with racism.

The reason why I chose to have this episode devoted to exposing racist acts, is just that.  To expose it. To let people know that if you are Black,  this is what we deal with on a regular basis and things need to change.

In this show, I have included Black people with different backgrounds, work experiences, and they share their story.

Please listen to my guests’ experiences with racism in Canada.

Guests, in order of appearance

Michelle’s intro – 0:00 – 2:15

JD Vishus- 2:16 – 10:20

Lorraine- 10:21 – 15:08

Meres – 15:09 – 21:00

Grace- 21:01 – 26:26

Jacob: 26:27 – 37:03

Michelle’s final words and outro – 37:04 – 39:15

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  1. LaRanna says:

    Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories. There are so many stories that are unfortunate. I believe every black person has had some form of racist acts thrust into their face. I don’t know how we continue to strive and keep strong under these circumstances. I experienced racism at the age of 7 when I came to Canada from JA. As a child, I didn’t understand it but as I got older I knew this was something I would have to face for the rest of my life. Being hated because of the colour of my skin. I’m older now and it still impacts me. Way too many stories that I would like to forget.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. It is unfortunate that we all share these stories. The one thing I want from this episode, is to let everyone know that racism is not acceptable.

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