Inside His Head

On June 11, 2016, I attended #InsideHisHead (interesting title, eh?!) hosted by the bubbly and entertaining Rachael-Lea Rickards.


What is Inside His Head?


Inside His Head is a salacious event where men answer truthfully questions on love, relationships and SEX!


Being a female, I know the way I feel about those subjects, but it’s always helpful to find out what’s going on in a dude’s mind – from a dude.


Once I found out about the event, I grabbed a friend and we decided to make it a fun, girls’ night out.


Rachael took questions from an incredibly excitable and vocal female audience, while posing questions received via email.IMG_3075


Women waited with bated breath to hear men speak honestly on a variety of topics. The hot topics of the night were – What qualities men are looking for in a woman, Why men cheat, and What women can do to satisfy their men.


I loved the responses! I feel that most men were being honest. I also realize that the answers were based on what each man has gone through, so they can be specific to a situation, or stage in life.


I will confess and say that I already knew how some of the guys would answer (I got male friends, yo!), but it was great to hear the reasoning behind why guys do the things they guys do. (i.e. Never call you back when they say they will!)


I want to say a big THANK YOU to Rachael for hosting the event and for helping out us single ladies. But most of all, thanks for having such cute dudes on the panel!





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