Commentary: Beards: Friend or Foe

As you know, Words With Michelle mainly features stories about extraordinary people in the 6 and worldwide, but I’ve been toying with the idea of sharing my thoughts and opinion on a few topics.


For this first installment, I will be speaking about Beards: Friend or Foe



Beards: Friend or Foe

About a year ago, I decided, with much determination, to put myself out there and dip my “single-girl” toes into the dating pool. I’ve been single for a few years and I wanted to take more risks and be willing to be open to whomever the universe sent me.


I gotta be real, that never really happened. I pretty much continued doing what I was normally doing (which wasn’t much), with the exception of dabbling in online dating. The online dating process wasn’t for me, but was worth a shot.


So now, I’ve genuinely decided to venture back into dating and be an active participant in this crazy thing called “love.”


A few months ago, I started to aggressively scope out some potentials in #the6. What I have noticed is that a lot of men have the same adornment on their face.


It seems as though beards are the new black (yes, I know it’s not a new trend! Lol)


To be completely honest, I’m not the biggest fan of big, bushy beards. They look kinda itchy and make me think of a grandpa-type figure. Definitely not a good image when I am looking for a potential mate. I want to be able to caress my boo’s face and not get my hands stuck in his gigantic beard!


It’s not that I need my guy to be clean-shaven – trust me, I LOVE the rugged look of stubble or even a goatee.   But when food starts getting lost in your beard, I’m out!taylor kinney


The big, hairy, hipster-type beards, seem to be the trendiest beards.  Everyone from Drake to Idris Elba is sporting one. At first glance they do look quite striking and sexy, but I like idea of admiring the beauty of my man’s face.


I’m not saying the next dude that I date won’t be sporting a beard (he probably will), but when it comes down to my personal taste, I prefer a guy with a slight, well-maintained beard that I can play with and snuggle up against, and not something that will take him 20 mins to style!


So, what’s your opinion on beards?


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