How I Became A Podcaster

You’re probably thinking that this post is way overdue – and you’re right!  I have been podcasting for well over 2 years, but it is only now that I thought to share my story. 

I thought about writing this post after I was featured in the Toronto Guardian in early October. *Click here to read the article. Thanks for talking with me, Sydnee!

It spoke about my long and winding path from blogger to podcaster, and it made me think that I needed to share with YOU how I made the switch from blogger to podcaster.

To be honest, I love being a blogger. I’m a writer at heart, and I am known for my interviews, so podcasting wasn’t something that I really wanted to do.  And truthfully, I wasn’t a huge fan of my voice – I thought it was kinda whiny and I didn’t think that anyone would listen to my shows.

But after I spoke with a fellow podcaster, he told me that I had all the tools needed to become a successful podcaster. I have a wide pool of people to reach out to, I’m outgoing, and most importantly, he liked my voice. So just do it!

Bumping into an ex-manager on the subway (who’s now a good friend) is what sealed the deal for me.  After we got caught up on what has been going on in our lives for the past couple of years, she nonchalantly turned to me and asked, “Where can I find your podcast?”  I told her that I didn’t have one. She looked confused.  She then said that I was the one person that she knew that SHOULD have a podcast.

And that was it.  That’s when I decided that podcasting was in my future.

I went to work and researched how to become a podcaster, and reviewed the steps I needed to take to get it off the ground. * FYI Buzzsprout has a limitless amount of info on the topic.

I discovered that it doesn’t take that much to start a podcast.  All you need is a phone or laptop, a microphone, and an idea for your show.

I knew I wanted to discuss a variety of topics with guests, so I needed to concentrate on buying the tech stuff.  After researching a million microphones, I decided to use the Blue Yeti USB microphone, but believe it or not, in the beginning, I recorded some of my shows using an old ipod! 

To edit my shows, I taught myself how to use Garageband.  I’m not gonna lie, it took a hot minute to master, but I can say that I am now proficient (not expert!) in Garageband.

I already publish my blog through WordPress, so I fortunately had a place to house my podcast. All I was left to do was record a show, and submit my show info to iTunes, and Spotify.  That was it.

I’ve spoken about serious topics (racism in the medical field) and lighthearted shows (Dating in the age of Covid), and 2 years later, I can say that I am so happy that I made the jump into podcasting. 

Are you thinking of starting a podcast? Have questions? Holla at your girl! Feel free to leave a comment.


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