Toronto Eats: Starving Artist

I often toy with the idea of becoming a food blogger. I love food, I talk about food (a lot!), and I love looking at food pics on Instagram. #dontjudgeme

So last weekend I decided to dip my toe into the food blogging pool, and blog about a brunch spot that recently hit the west side.

Starving Artist

image taken from Starving Artist website

I first remember seeing this restaurant at Brunch Fest 2017. I was drawn to them because they specialize in creating works of art with waffles. You can have them any way you like them- traditionally, or as a sandwich, or as a dessert. I tried their potato waffle with sour cream and cheese, and was completed enamored with it.    

But, being a girl that loves anything breakfast related (except cereal), I wanted to try their traditional waffle.

After completing my Saturday errands last weekend, I decided to reward myself with a tasty lunch. I walked into the Rexdale location of Starving Artist, and looked over the menu.

The more I looked, the hungrier I got. I wanted EVERYTHING, but decided on The Hitch-Hiker meal. I chose that meal because it basically had everything that I love – a cheese omelette, bacon, waffles, green salad and a potato salad.

I ordered it to go, and drove home as quickly as possible so that it would still be warm when I devour it!

When I got home, I kicked off my shoes and placed the steamy Styrofoam container on the table.

I gently opened the container and took in the beautiful sight. The first thing I saw were 2 mini golden waffles swimming in maple syrup, and then I saw the fluffiest, cheese omelette. I was ready.

All I can say is “DAMN!’ Seriously, it was one of, if not THE BEST WAFFLES OF LIFE. It was soft, fluffy and had the yummiest vanilla flavour. I would go back in a second for that waffle.

The rest of the meal was delicious: the omelette was good, the potato salad was next level, and the bacon was great (seriously, when is bacon not good? Lol)

Would I go back…? Um, I think you know the answer to that….btw the answer is #yass 😜

The deets

Starving Artist – various locations

2141 Kipling Ave
T: 647 350 8240

1078 St. Clair Ave West
T: 416 901 7479

810 College St
T: 647 348 1133

505 Mount Pleasant Road
T: 416 792 7053

467 Danforth Ave

833 Runnymede Road
T: 647-347-7026

Open 9 AM – 6 PM Daily



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