MeBookz: Storytelling With A Twist!

Do you read to your children before they go to sleep? Wanna add a fun twist to storytelling?


I’m pretty certain you’re wondering why I’m writing about bedtime stories since I’m not a parent. Well, I have a very precocious 5-year-old nephew, and I enjoy reading to him whenever I see him.


About a month ago I was introduced to Paul Okoye – the owner of MeBookz, and he told me about the children’s books that he publishes. Loved the concept of his books and was eager to share his innovative stories with everyone.


What is MeBookz?

Mebookz is a company that creates personalized and fully illustrated picture books with your child (niece, nephew, grandchild etc) as the main character. Cool concept, eh? But it doesn’t stop there. MeBookz customizes the book by using your child’s name as well as likeness – which means, your child becomes the star of the book! Don’t you wish they had this when we were kids?


Paul started the company because of the enjoyment he felt reading to his daughter, Zara. When he ran out of stories to read to her, he created his own with Zara as the main character.   He believed that it was great for her self-esteem to see a character that looked exactly like her. I completely agree! I also love that her character rocks her trademark Afro puffs!


Book Launch

On April 1, 2017, MeBookz, celebrated the launch of a new superhero series called Incredible Me, by hosting a reading at the newly relocated bookstore, A Different Book List. I happily attended the event.


The venue was filled with adorable toddlers dressed in their favourite superhero costumes. Once the reading started, they sat quietly and clung to each and every word read to them by a very animated reader.


I know that the book is meant for small children, but I was fully entertained. The story was action-packed and had cool plot twists that would keep any child engaged.


Unfortunately, my overactive nephew wasn’t able to join me, but it did give me the chance to peruse some books that I plan on buying for his birthday.


Once the superhero party was over, I thanked Paul for hosting a fun interactive event, and promised to bring my nephew to the next one.


Love the concept of the books? Thinking of customizing a book? I asked Paul to share what the process is like to customize a book.


What is the process like for parents who want to create a book for their child?

First, select a picture book from our book collections on the MeBookz website, then upload a picture of your child as well as some personal details (e.g. name). That’s all you need to do – we’ll do the rest. Using your information we will create a fully personalized and illustrated picture book, using your child as the main character..



If you would like to know more about MeBookz, please click onto the following sites:


Facebook: click here


Twitter: @MeBookz


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