The Secret Club For Naturals!

I’ve written a bunch of personal essays about my love affair with #naturalhair – (click here to read one of them) and I’ve even gone so far as to interview natural hair advocate Anya Grant and natural hair stylist Glenna. But with this article I wanted to focus not on my hair, but on something that happens whenever I meet another naturalista.


Me with extensions!

Although I wear extensions most of the time, on occasion, I flaunt my natural curls. In either case, it never fails that when I am in close proximity with another natural, they will befriend me, or proceed to ask me a battery of questions about my hair regimen. Don’t get me wrong, I have NO problem with this – I actually welcome it!


My natural curls!

I realized this phenomenon last week after a total stranger (a very friendly sista who happened to be wearing my fave hairstyle – dreads) came up to me and asked me why I went natural. I am not one to shy away from talking about my hair journey, so I told her about my adverse reaction to perm (aka- chemical relaxers) and the subsequent hair loss I suffered from it.


After I our exchange, I began to think about the number of times that has happened to me. I wondered if it were just me, or if other naturals feel an “instant bond” with others naturals.


I would like to think that it was because I am a super friendly person and people are easily drawn to me (lol), but I think it is actually deeper than that. I think naturals tend to reach out to other perm-free sistas because we understand the struggle.


We understand the confusion felt from family and friends about why we decided to go natural, we understand how scary it is to leave work/school one day having straight hair, only to return a few days later with short, natural hair (read: big chop), and we understand that not everyone will like our new hairstyle or our choice to forgo perm.


I enjoy this warm bond and unity felt amongst naturals. It’s not that we’re excluding anyone from “our club” – it’s just  that we’re giving  a sign of support and letting each other know that we are beautiful.


Are you natural? Do you feel that connection with other naturals? Let me know!

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