Embracing 2020

I normally write a “Year in Review” post where I recount the highlights of the past year, as well as share with you a few pop cultural events that affected me (psst…..gotta quickly mention the Raptors’ win because that was MONUMENTAL). But I thought to change it up and do something different. For this last post of the decade, I want to speak about one of my plans for 2020.


From Blogger to Podcaster


I’ve been blogging for well over 5 years now, and I had the pleasure of interviewing a bunch of amazingly talented people who’ve made a huge impact on me personally and professionally. I’ve had the chance to meet and chat with female entrepreneurs, a dad blogger, chefs, screenwriters, rappers, singers and even a daytime talk show legend!


They’ve made me excited (and nervous) about sitting down to write their story and share with you.


Because of my blog, I’ve been asked to write about the Reel World Festival in Toronto, attend food events, as well as write about, and eventually be featured in the life changing project- #herstoryinblack – a digital photo series organized by Emily Mills which documented 150 women of colour who excel in their chosen field.


But as you may have noticed, I didn’t really blog a lot in 2019. It’s not that I didn’t feel like writing, or that I don’t have love for writing, it’s just that I didn’t feel challenged.


For the past couple of years I’ve had a number of people ask me to start a podcast. They encouraged me to use my voice to connect with more people. I dismissed it as I didn’t really listen to a lot of podcasts and I really wasn’t sure anyone would want to listen to me!


But, after a brief but random conversation with an ex-boss who asked me where she could find my podcast – not knowing that I didn’t have one – I felt that the universe was telling me something. (Thanks, Grace)


So my plan for the new decade is to challenge myself and wander into territory that is not that familiar. BTW, I’m beyond scared.


The podcast is fittingly called, Words With Michelle – the podcast. I have recorded my first episode and will launch in early January 2020. I can’t say that I won’t blog again (I still have to post my convo with Celina Caesar Chavannes! #cantwait), so I’ll pop up once in a while in the blogosphere.


I plan to take on the new challenge in the world of podcasting where I plan to speak with guests on a variety of topics: natural hair in the workplace, social media, racism, dating, among other subjects. * I like to refer to my podcast as  a mini talk show.


I wanted to thank YOU ALL for reading this last post of the decade and for joining me on my new journey. I wish you great health, prosperity and happiness for 2020.







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