Featured Blogger: Jamila Kyari

As a writer and blogger who relishes in discovering new things as well as exposing local talent, I was happy when an email from Jamila Kyari reached my inbox.


Jamila contacted me to tell me that she’s a fellow Canadian blogger who works in the Communication industry, and who also enjoys reading Words With Michelle. She added that she would be honoured to be featured alongside the impressive list of people I’ve already interviewed. I humbly thanked her for the super kind words and told her that I would check out her blog soon.


Upon visiting her site, I perused a few articles, and followed it up with a quick chat with Jamila. From that, I knew that her work was something I would like to share with you.


Jamila is a dedicated Communication Manager who diligently finds time to publish her own blog. She posts articles on beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands – all from a diverse perspective.


Her pages caught my eye as each post was adorned with vibrant colours and a definite African esthetic. I love that she has proudly reflects the culture and interests of women of colour.


In our interview Jamila talked about her day job as well as the lucrative and influential business of blogging. Don’t worry, I took notes!


To find out more about Jamila and her lifestyle blog, please keep reading.


Birthplace: Nigeria

Currently lives: Kitchener, ON

Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Day job: Communications Manager



Why did you start your blog?

Since I work in communications, it is important for me to continuously refine both my content creation and writing skills, and my blog enables me to accomplish that. The blog began in March 2017 as a creative outlet for my writing and it has evolved into a platform where I now showcase fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. Besides the passion for writing, my aim is to help individuals and brands market themselves better. Thus, my blog is a marketing platform for brands looking to engage with my diverse readership. Till now, I receive an excess of 2,500 views a month, so that tells me that there is a lot of potential in what I’m doing and perhaps the business of blogging could be more than just a hobby.



I see that your blog has a definite African slant.  Why is that important to you?

My blog showcases a lot of nouveau riche brands that have been birthed out of the African-Diaspora or that are inspired by the continent. There are a lot of reasons why the blog has an African slant.

First and foremost, the majority of my readers are women of Black/African descent who are interested in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle topics that I write about. They are fascinated by the brands I uncover and are excited to learn more about them online and via social media.

Secondly, I genuinely want to tell stories that help people see Africa in a different perspective from what is usually shown in mainstream media. It is very difficult to hear about positive African stories outside of the continent on a global scale, although things are gradually changing in this regard due to social media. Nevertheless, I am hoping that my blog will help bridge the gap between brands looking for global recognition and audiences seeking the best Africa and its Diaspora has to offer.

Finally, this is somewhat obvious but I am Nigerian by birth from the Western region of Africa. Growing up around the colourful prints associated with West African fashion has given me a penchant for all things bold, vibrant and bright, which I have layered with an authentic, cultural voice through blogging.


How do you help brands resonate with their audience?

Blogging is an important content marketing tool especially for online businesses. Many brands are based online in the sense that they have an e-commerce store and social media presence so being able to promote their products and services through the influence of bloggers like myself plays a key role in their marketing mix. When brands approach me to blog about them, it is usually because they find my blog appealing as a platform through which they might be able to showcase their product or service to readers or drive demand to their offerings. I also offer brands an opportunity to leverage my influence, credibility and authority through the blog to drive sales conversions. A simple click through from an article on my blog or post on social media to the online store of a shoe brand for example is one of the ways in which I help brands generate organic traffic.


What would you like to accomplish with your blog?

I want the women who read my blog to click away from it feeling inspired to live a stylish, successful and colourful life. If I can accomplish this through the showcase of bright colours, vibrant prints and bold patterns in women’s apparel, home décor, stationery and gifts, then I have achieved my ultimate goal.


Any upcoming projects?

Yes. I am working on a collection of colourful print clutch purses that will be available for a limited time. I cannot divulge much details yet as everything is in the works but I will let you know as soon as the collection drops.


Great to know that there is a blog out there for women of colour that covers fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands that cater and reflect our tastes and culture. Thanks for creating a much needed blog, Jamila!



To find out more about Jamila Kyari, please click the following sites:


URL: http://jamilakyari.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jamilakyari/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jamila_kyari

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jamilakyari/



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